22 May 2009

Better late than early... isn't that a saying?

So the word on the street is, no, I didn't pick a post to appear this morning, so all 20 of you who read blogs on Friday were left hanging. Sorry about that. My only excuse is that I am horribly disorganized.

To make up for your likely paralyzing distress at not getting to be mildly amused by my verbosity this morning/afternoon, I'll throw out this bonus tidbit:

According to my 2-year-old daughter M-, because she bumped her foot on something when I was corralling her away from somewhere she knew she wasn't supposed to be, I am officially "mean", as well as "nasty", because "[I] hurt [her] foot."

Throw in a couple curse words, and she can reuse that tantrum in 12 years or so if she ever runs low on material. Speaking as a blogger, I recognize the value of such an asset, and yet speaking as her father, I'm pretty sure this girl will NEVER run low on material.


feefifoto said...

Oh, it won't take her 12 years to recycle that tantrum. I give it 12 days. Everything is my fault -- if she trips over her discarded shoes it's my fault because I MADE her go into her room to clean up. The older my daughter gets (she's 9) the shorter becomes my list of things that are not my fault.

unmitigated me said...

You post late...the Blackhawks win in OT. Connection?

MakingChanges said...

I didn't surf/stalk yesterday so I didn't even notice the late post. Just glad there was something when I logged on today. I think there is some chemical in kids that teach them this tantrum. That or secretly we all share the same child that just runs from household to household blaming and causing destruction.

Unknown said...

Reason #156 I'm glad I didn't have girls. LOL

cIII said...

I'll see your "horribly disorganized" and I'll raise you "Very, very lazy."

Also....It's always "our" fault. Always.

A Free Man said...

Yeah, I'm getting to this point with my boy - the mean and nasty one. It isn't official yet, though.