21 October 2009

Developments at our house, Vol. 17

Here, at long last, is the latest list of recent developments around here:

1. I discovered that whenever I'm reading an e-mail from my Work folder, Gmail's link above the message urges me to Go Back to "Work" and I can't help but feel that it's deliberately shaming me. Less often than it should be.

2. I accidentally drifted off to sleep on the couch one morning while the kids were playing, and when I woke back up I had a snap bracelet on my harder-to-reach wrist, as well as various toys on and next to me, which indicates that I was either playing in my sleep or being played with in my sleep. Both are equally likely, but I'm not sure which is more troubling.

3. When my wife J- inquired about an unfamiliar brown spot on my wrist, I rubbed it to confirm it was one of my many random freckles, but she doubted that despite my insistence. After a little back-and-forth, I had to silence her by licking my fingertip and rubbing even harder, which revealed this particular freckle to have been made of chocolate.*

* Thanks a lot, Muddy Buddies, you delicious little turncoats.


Mrs. B. Roth said...

Belly freckles are a big deal at our house. In fact, we have divided ourselves into two factions - the Plain Bellied Roths and the Freckled Bellied Roths.


(it is very late where I am posting from ...)

Joe @ IrrationalDad said...

Being a new dad, I just recently posted about the perils of falling asleep around a little one (titled: Do Not Fall Asleep, if you're curious). Mine involved what I thought was baby poop in my hair.

Anyway... Tyler was 15 months old when I learned my lesson. I'm horrified to close my eyes around him. You have TWO kids, and the worst you get is a bracelet? Lame. I figured with two kids, you would have awakened to waterboarding.

Neena said...

Have you not learned the #1 rule of parenting??? Never, ever fall asleep!

They're like little Freddy Kreugers, my friend.

Middle Aged Woman said...

My dad used to fall asleep in his chair, and my sister and I would put curlers and Dippity-Do (ask J-) in his hair. He'd sleep right through it. I think you were being played "on." Just another convenient surface. Be glad they didn't have cosmetics.

Mary said...

Good think you didn't actually lick it directly. I wish all mine were chocolate.

Swirl Girl said...

good thing you're relaying this story post potty training time....I wouldn't lick a little brown smudge off of anything in those days.

J- said...

I love those I told you so moments!

LiteralDan said...

You should treasure them above all for their rarity, my dearest one.