25 September 2009

Huggy Bear's House of Coffee

Looking for a sordid tale of titillation at a Washington coffeehouse? Head on over to HotDads, to see my latest post with this great group bloggers of which I'm lucky to be a part.

If it doesn't make you want coffee with an unhealthy urgency, then I guarantee twice your money back.


Midwest Mom said...

Dan... it's 7 am on a friday.

Nothing you could possibly write could make me NOT want coffee with an unhealthy urgency.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs. B. Roth said...

I don't want coffee, I just want to know why these poor entrepreneurial girls got busted. What a waste of our tax dollars. Who cares how people spend their money? And how can I start a similar, but scrabble related business and fly under the radar. (I'll swap you a vowel if you sink a $10 bill in my cleavage - I could SO have that job! Well, if I still had cleavage that is. Of course, if the business goes well, one can buy cleavage and write if off on their taxes, I'm sure.)

unmitigated me said...

Everything makes me want coffee with an unhealthy urgency. It's only my equally strong desire for sleep at night that makes me stop drinking it by noon.