15 July 2013

Classic quotes, Vol. 46

It's been too long since my 9-year-old son D-, formerly the star of this blog (back when I actually wrote posts with beginnings, middles, and ends), had the spotlight around here. Thanks in part to my extreme lack of posts in the past several months, I'm able to devote a whole quote list to this kid*:

D- (losing patience about an hour into the new Superman movie): When's he going to start flying and punching buildings down and stuff?

D- (when my neighbor pointed out that he'd forgotten to bring his checkbook to an auction): No, it's okay-- my dad brought his.

D- (after some over-the-top violence in a Bugs Bunny cartoon): That's outrageous!!

D- (seeing a display of Jelly Belly dispensers at a store, with cash burning a hole in his pocket): They've got candy, I've got money-- let's get in business!

D- (muttering to himself after cutting his foot): Sweet mother of Holy Moses...

* Who now seems to be firmly a pre-teen, and thus Not a Kid. Hard to believe he was a toddler when this thing started!