26 February 2013

Things that amuse me, Vol. 15

Here are a few of the things that have been amusing me recently:

1. A handy microcosm of my 8-year-old son D-'s personal hygiene and neatness (as well as our relationship in more and more moments of more and more days), can be found in his answering shrug and total lack of action in response to my helpful observation at least a half hour after he'd eaten lunch one day: "Hey buddy, you've got dried chili spatters ALLLL over your face..."

2. Cats are a living reminder that nature truly abhors a vacuum.

3. I saw a news headline recently called "Pictures of celebs who hide their kids in photos"... I think as you write that headline, you should realize you've got a sign you should just delete the article and the pictures with them. Also, possibly change your line of work.

4. I'm guessing the reason that only one out of the dozens of annual e-mails I get from my alumni association was filtered into my spam folder is that it 1) asked very clearly for money for a very specific effort, 2) included a special link to a page for that campaign, and 3) gave me a "personal web code" to enter that included "FAKY" as one of its alphanumeric clusters...*

* Also, I am a proud alumnus of the University of Nigeria - Fakeymundia campus. That seems to trip people up sometimes.