25 May 2010

Future careers of my daughter's preschool class

At the preschool graduation for my daughter's school yesterday (as an underclasswoman, she was just there for moral support, I guess), the teachers announced to the gym each graduate's answer to the question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

Here are some of their actual answers:

1. Race car driver

2. Doctor

3. Batman

4. Teacher

5. Police officer/Firefighter

6. Army guy

7. Dentist

8. Spider-Man

9. A doctor AND a teacher*

10. A Mommy

I'm pretty sure that last one was planted, to squeeze a few extra tears out of the audience. Nevertheless, I noted a distinct lack of willing candidates for Equally Necessary Jobs like the following:

1. Systems analyst

2. Septic tank cleaner

3. Telemarketer

4. Import/export facilitator

5. Cat burglar

6. Lounge singer/DJ

7. Local politician

8. Hustler

9. Tabloid photographer

10. Racehorse euthanizer

I hope most of these kids are headed for a junior high epiphany resulting in a slight change of career path, because otherwise we may be facing a hell of a lot of very bitter, disillusioned telemarketers/gravediggers.

* This one's the kid who couldn't decide if he should go for impressing the chicks or kissing up to the teacher, so he went for both. Sounds like the winner to me!


sarah said...

So cute! I like the Bat man one...and on the second list... a cat burgler?! WTH? Where do i sign up???

unmitigated me said...

As Jerry Seinfeld says, when boys read about Superman, Batman, etc., these aren't superheroes, these are options.

Michael from dadcation.com said...

Kids today. So unrealistic.

Russ said...

Aren't items 7 and 8 on list two the same thing?

Mary said...

This second list indicates that possibly you are job hunting. Go where the demand is, I say.

SurprisedMom said...

When my daughter graduated from preschool said she wanted to be a "Lady" when she grew up. She's 19 now and she is a beautiful young lady. And she still doesn't want to be any of those things on your second list. :)

Jacobus Gideon Hanekom said...
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