24 July 2011

Things that amuse me, Vol. 9

Here's another selection of items that have been amusing me these days:

1. Only a kid* can be taken just as seriously with chocolate smeared all over his face as he is any other day and time.

2. Much like a dog chasing a car until it slams on the brakes, every time I succeed in swatting a fly with my bare hands, I immediately regret even attempting it. And yet, there I am again swinging away the next time.

3. My wife --who shudders at the mere thought of an insect** going about its life far underground, much less anywhere inside her house or immediate one-mile area-- so craves the attention of a cat that, when faced with what I'll call my Dismayed Reaction to her observation of fleas and ticks on the stray cat she and our kids had been frequently petting for a few days, she shrugged them off and casually explained, "You just need to wash your hands..."

4. My two older children, D- (7-year-old son) and M- (4-year-old daughter), have lately alternated between 1) experimenting with the power of demanding privacy in the bathroom/when changing; and 2) loudly offering each other audiences before their porcelain throne/mooning each other at will.

* Or possibly Hitler.

** Even a firefly!


King of New York Hacks said...

congress should talk with chocolate cake on their face

unmitigated me said...

I agree with KNYH. At least a milk mustache. Makes you appreciate an infant who's not talking much yet, eh?

Sarah L said...

Ah those fleas are tiny, yes, but most annoying when they bite your family members! Fleas are not very species exclusive. Need fancy stuff to get rid of them, applied to the cat. Wash them, then the fleas are clean, and very much alive.

Good thing Literal Dan is keeping an eye on this important issue of the family's comfort and health.