30 September 2011

A monologue from M-: Keep your powder dry, and your crayons sharp

All three* of my children are very intelligent, but they definitely have different ways of manifesting these smarts. This is in part because they just have different ways of thinking, and one way my 4-year-old daughter stands apart is that much of her thought process happens out loud, and usually far beyond what would be considered necessary volume.

For example, the following puzzle is excerpted from a longer chain of thoughts idly expressed --without interruption by me-- as we colored a life-sized outline of her body for her dance class:

M-: ... If you need any crayons** sharpened, I'VE got a crayon sharpener... It's really nice, because you can sharpen any crayon you want, anytime, and you can never lose it, because it's attached to the big box of crayons, and that would be really hard to lose. ...Actually, I don't know where it is right now... I think we lost the big box of crayons... I lost my crayon sharpener, Dad.

* Updated banner coming, someday, someday...

** Notable fact: We were using markers, there was nary a crayon to be seen.


Mary said...

LOL Wow, she went from A to Z on that topic. She is a reality show all on her own with the self-narration.

beth said...

Poor thing, losing her box of crayons and her sharpener. Still, she reeled you in and closed you with a zinger. Probably a marketer or an attorney in her future!

Mary said...

Still don't see that third kid. Hiding him?