29 February 2012

Classic quotes, Vol. 35

Here are the latest memorable quotes from my 5-year-old daughter M-, my 7-year-old son D-, and my 1-year-old son E- that I've managed to remember or write down:

M- (referring to the snowman she was mentally designing, for her preschool homework): And his name will be "Ho-Wrecker"!

Kid at school (amazed, watching E- doing a victory lap with a basketball he found): Whoa! That baby can WALK!

M- (after being asked an obvious question, before I reached in to turn on the fan): ...No. I'm sweating, but I'm not pooping. ... I'm sweating!

D- (after we were talking about dogs and wolves eating grass): THAT'D be cool, to see a wolf throw up.

M- (approximately 10 minutes after first regretting asking me why February 29 is a special day): ...Oh..... 


Mark said...

hahahahha, perfect!

There are those lessons in life that come with much more commentary then anticipated. I look forward to hearing this response from my son one day after asking how something somethings. :P

I suppose it would be only fair to let the next explanation be entirely fictional such as Calvin's dad used to give him.

"Dad, how do they know the weight limit on the bridge."
"Well son, they drive heavier and heavier trucks over it until the bridge collapses. Then they weigh the truck, rebuild the bridge and put up the sign."

Great stuff, thanks for the entertainment!

Mary said...

Sometimes the explanations are just TMI.
But it would be cool to see a wolf throw up - from a great distance.

unmitigated me said...

I am picturing that mini lesson about leap year, and M plotting just how to escape...

Anonymous said...

That's cute! :)

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