27 March 2012

A conversation between M- and D-: Justice, served lukewarm

My 5-year-old daughter M- was indulging my 7-year-old son D-'s penchant for spontaneous, awkward hand-to-combat practice one day recently, when he began the following exchange:

D- (with the expected pseudo-karate posturing): I'm gonna break your HEAD off!

M- (popping his balloon as sharply as she can): No, you're not! You'd be in HUGE trouble... You'd have to sit on the STAIRS for the rest of your LIFE!

D- (accepting this at face value, then feeling smug as he thinks about its relative leniency): No more than that, though.

M- (thinking aloud, qualifying her previous statement): ...Until you were a grownup, then you could go back to eating candy, and playing, and everything.

It seems "life" as they know it ends in just a few years. They're probably right.

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Sarah L said...

D will not be bullied!
Even when it comes in response to his own exaggerated threats.

Interesting notions of time, but you are right -- only a blink until they grow up and you can get some sleep!

Mary said...

Never show fear D.

unmitigated me said...

I know I'M still eating the candy.