30 June 2012

A conversation with D-: The patriot in a nation of shopkeepers

Like many people, my 8-year-old son D- seems to vacillate between ambitious craftiness and practical ingenuity one day, to mindless materialism and sensible shortcuts the next. I have the makings of an impressive wood shop out here, and my wife has a wide array of craft materials and tools herself, so plenty of costumes and toys have sprung from our collective imagination, when spurred on by circumstances.

Most of the rest of the time, though, all our grand crafting plans remain safely that-- plans. One always has higher hopes for the next generation, although as this conversation shows, that hope is probably wasted:

D- (holding a new package of 36 Nerf darts): Dad, can I maybe open just a part of this box and, like, hook it on my belt or something, like this, so I can just --"bam-bam"-- pull out more darts after I shoot my six?

Me (looking to encourage this attitude while focusing the energy on something more functional and rewarding): So what you want is an ammo belt, or a bandolier? That sounds like something you could make pretty easily, if you want. You just need little loops or pockets running along the strap-- you could work with Momma and maybe even use the sewing machine!

D- (looking exhausted at the thought, and a bit like maybe this concept is new to me): ...You know, we could also just go to the store and BUY one of those... (immediately turning to walk away without a shred of faith that his point would be seriously considered)

Me (seeing the writing on the wall, but taking a valiant stab anyway): But then it wouldn't be as sturdy, or made exactly the way you need it, and... (hearing his feet hit the bottom of the stairs) ...Ah, never mind...

Maybe if the temperature finally drops below 90 one of these days, he might catch that spark again. Even with the AC going, who really feels like getting off the couch long enough to make something like that? Probably a lot of go-getters and high-achievers and moderately-functional-adults, that's who, but who needs those showoffs?

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Mary said...

He could also just run his belt through the back of the box and it would sit right at his waist, ready to get nerf villains, sisters or baby brothers. No sewing involved.

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