06 February 2009

A conversation with D-: The story of sugar

The following is an exchange I had with my son D- after he drank what is probably the second and near-to-last Capri Sun he's had in his 4 years:

D- (eyes wider than usual due to increased heart rate): Daddy, one day, I wanna make this kind of juice.*

Me: Oh yeah?

D- (looking at the front of it): Yeah... it's about "apples".

Me: Yes, it might be about them, but I assure you it's not made from them, so I wouldn't really call it "juice".

D-: (blank stare)

His word choice actually creates an appropriate comparison, since Capri Sun has as much of a connection to actual fruit as, say, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

* This means he wants to buy some but knows I'll say, "No, we don't need that," which I of course do quite frequently. He figures that by suggesting we make some ourselves, like the good, old-timey Americans we are, he might stumble through a back door to getting what he wants.


Rikki said...

Next time get the Roaring Waters Capri Sun. My kids seem to be less maniacal after drinking the watered down version of a Capri Sun!

Kevin McKeever said...

I lived on that stuff and the entire Drake's Cakes line as a kid. Explains a lot about me today. huh?

Midwest Mom said...

Mine usually conclude the conversation by saying something like,

"I can't wait until I'm an adult. Then, I can do whatever I want."

ummm, yeah. Okay.


- Julia at Midwest Moms

Anonymous said...

Well, he can always drink Gatorade because that's a sports drink. Not at all like soft drinks, right? Right?

nonna said...

i love that he has already figured out how to get around the no, we can't buy that answer! you are def in trouble with that one mr.

Mama Dawg said...

I'm gonna make some "juice" like that and call it what it is.

"Mama Dawg's Sugar and Water".

I bet I'll make a million or two!

Brittany said...

Wow, you just sucked the magic out of my Capri Sun.


Brittany said...

But, in defense of my parenting, i just want to add....The Pacific Coolers do NOT stain carpet and/or furniture:)

Mrs4444 said...

Smart little boy, and a budding entrepreneur! Keep nurturing that kid, and you might never have to work...