03 July 2009

Important Question: Reaching out to touch your audience?

Since people usually have better things to do on Fridays than read blogs, and since this particular weekend is a holiday for much of my readership, I figured I'd just post something simple today-- another of my extremely Important Questions.

As a bonus, my question today features both Our President and "America" in one sentence:

Do you think President Obama deliberately set his calls to public service to run exclusively between Girls Gone Wild infomercials all night across America?

These are things I wonder when I'm up way, way too late procrastinating on writing with stupid addictive word games on Facebook.*

* Not that I should encourage myself... but then I rarely act in my own best interests... If you're looking to come get destroyed, click the above link, or this one, to keep your newest word-game archenemy as close as a Facebook friend can be.


Mrs. B. Roth said...

You should tell them you cheat like a fiend, though. (and by cheat I mean utilize an anagram generator and take FOREVER, but HE would tell you it's just to make the game go faster and he would have come up with tetrapods on his own eventually.)

LiteralDan said...

I have to call out this insane, ranting lunatic for what she is-- a sore loser.

I have used an anagram generator as an aid from time to time, but I also play "offline style" when my opponents agree to it.

This lil lady herself has spent many an hour scouring Google trying to find a bigger and better generator than the last one she used, so I guess that makes her a black kettle. So there.

Heidi said...


A Free Man said...

So what you're saying is that you watch a lot of Girls Gone Wild?

Father Knows (Travis) Best said...

Late nights were created specifically for the purpose of spawning world-changing ideas.