12 August 2009

Selling out for spam

Hey there everyone, just click here to read my post for today, appearing over at HotDads.

Then, when you're done commenting to make me look good, poke around the site to see what my esteemed colleagues have to offer.

Just be careful where exactly you're poking, or you may regret it. Or not, I suppose.


Irrational Dad said...

Man... you really should have worded this post like one of those spam emails and then linked us over there.

Chris M. said...

So is being hot a prerequisite for posting at HotDads? Cause if so, I wouldn't qualify.

I think I meet all the other requirements. Correct grammar be damned.

And I have to wait about 5 more months.

Weather Moose

unmitigated me said...

Just to be clear--you're telling me to poke some Hot Dads?

Well, okay, then.

Mary said...

Post a picture of you wearing the beret.

Mrs4444 said...

Hey, Dan. Have you seen this?