02 November 2009

That was my trick, now here's the treat

Well, as I'm sure you noticed, this past week was a bust for posting-- Blogger was all messed up.

Did I say Blogger? I meant The blogger.

So, to try to make it up to you, I'll post some hypnotic pictures of the kids today, and some thoughts I'd wanted to include in a pre-Halloween post Wednesday. We can all pretend I'm really organized and planned it this way from the beginning.

The best Peter Pan costume I could muster... thanks Home Ec!See the children, love the children, forgive their father.... and then give him all your candyyyyy...

...This scam's working so well, I'm gonna pull my patented Overreach Maneuver:
Tinkerbell redefining the Picture Smile
Weren't my posts last week the most hilarious ever?

They were so good I took them down, printed and bound them, and now I'm waiting for the Library of Congress to beg me to submit them.

That's why you don't see any posts dated during the past week.

And incidentally, these aren't the droids you're looking for.

They are, however, Peter Pan and, for the second straight year, Tinkerbell. I'll point to my creation of the Peter Pan costume from scratch as one reason for my rumored inability to post last week (which as we established is false), even though I bought the supplies Thursday afternoon and cut/sewed/etc. it all Thursday night so he could wear it to school on Friday.*

Because that's how stupid I am. Or awesome, depending on how you feel about legendary procrastination.

By the way, before you think I'm one of those parents who seeks to turn the world into my own little puppet show, no, I did not coordinate the kids' costumes. D- was a pirate two years ago and in remembering that, he made the jump to Peter Pan for this year, while M-'s imagination was just limited to the idea of being Tinkerbell because that's all she can remember (from last year) when she thinks of Halloween. And she's very stubborn, so she just put last year's costume on for one last run.

Next year I hope she easily accepts the fact that the costume will be too small, and she'll agree to be something else. Like the Incredible Hulk. One day, please God, one day, I want to see her in an Incredible Hulk costume, because I don't think I can imagine a more fitting one.

* Sunday through Wednesday, I was visualizing and planning the costume 24 hours a day. Yeah, that's the ticket...


Vodka Mom said...

I just have to say ADORABLE.


Shannon said...

Yep, adorable. I think your plan worked...

And I'm impressed with your sewing skillz. I can barely sew a button back on, let alone sticth anything together.

Aunt Juicebox said...

Um, my grandma made me a little red riding hood costume and I wore it for 3 years. My britches were hanging out the bottom of the dress before I would give it up. And my mom still let me wear it to school that year.

Mary said...

Sooo cute. What a plan you had.

Midwest Mom said...

We have a Hulk costume, complete with puffy muscles.

My daughter loves it. :)

Swirl Girl said...

so cute!!

faith, hope and pixie dust will do every time!

Dan said...

I take it i wouldn't like her when she's angry?

Badass Geek said...

These aren't the droids we're looking for.

Move along. Move along.