11 March 2010

At what age can I know this isn't a coincidence?

As infrequently as I've (regrettably) been posting on here the past few months, thanks to the new house and then this contract work, I've been even more scarce over at HotDads.

So head on over there to check out my latest post, with only this title as a teaser. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Your fans are getting pissy waiting for your return, LD!


unmitigated me said...

Contract work feeds the mouser.

Mary said...

Um, never. Interesting that the question cannot just be "what are you sucking?" You had quite the list of possibilities.

Anonymous said...

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LiteralDan said...

These comments fascinate me. I usually just delete them, but I'll leave this one because it amuses me.

They're obviously bulk spam, but to what end? I don't see any links or anything. Did this person really have a "college assignment" about me posting at HotDads? Really? Really?? I'd love to read it.