21 April 2010

Classic quotes, Vol. 24

Here are some recent quotes from my suddenly-very-quotable 3-year-old daughter M- and my 6-year-old son D-:

M- (very pointedly adding an important qualification, so I don't get too cocky): I love you! And I'll love you forever! (suddenly serious)...Because you let me use your special spoon.

M- (after my wife, who's a highly functional Fruity Pebbles addict, pointed out Mother's Day was coming up): Oh yay!! That day we get to have the colored cereal for breakfast!!

M- (when asked if she's learning a lot in her new preschool): Yeah... Mostly playing, though, not learning. Playing outside... and inside...

D- (very dramatically, after I casually referred to my sister's "friend"): You mean... boyfriend?

M- (touching the edge of her skirt): This is not as short as I want it to be.

M- (answering my exasperated "Why do you think I gave you a fork??"): Ummm... for me to fork things.

M- (rambling in her high chair): Switch, witch, bitch, mitch, rich, itch... heh, heh... "switch" and "itch" rhyme.


Irrational Dad said...

Her skirt isn't short enough?? Stay strong, Dan... stay strong.

Plus... did she just say bitch? What'd you do? I think you're "supposed" to ignore it, but I probably would have started laughing my ass off while trying to tell her not to use that word.

Kevin McKeever said...

You eat racist breakfast foods? Shame on you, Dan!

Anonymous said...

Rhyming words have caused some table trouble at our house, too!

dissertation said...
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