03 November 2010

Things that amuse me, Vol. 5

Here are some more of the things that have been amusing or intriguing me lately:

1. You can never fully understand how unbelievably irritating a person you are until you get the chance to closely observe your clonelike child at the peak of his/her powers.

2. I think Siemens should really rethink the tagline they used in a radio commercial: The men work for Siemens. (Note: This is actually general advice for any company whose name sounds like "semen".) Maybe this adjustment in compensation substance is how they're weathering the ongoing economic crisis?

3. Either my son's really going to get extra credit for bringing to school a bag of candy for the class reward jar, or the world's greatest 6-year-old criminal mastermind just pulled off another flawless heist.

(No matter what, he's going to enjoy his bus ride home.)

4. Yahoo has an ad encouraging me to store my contacts' birthdays along with their e-mail addresses, so I can get a reminder when the date approaches. The ad features a woman with her face hidden (in shame?) behind a balloon, along with the headline, "You remembered!"

That's right, kids! Now you, too, can deceive your friends into believing they matter more to you than they really do, just like celebrities with personal assistants have been doing for years!

5. While talking up my productivity (both in my work from home and my work around the house) to my wife one day, I noted that I'd already showered before 3pm. My 3-year-old daughter's immediate response --delivered in much the same way she would ask if she could go SEE Santa now that he landed in the yard and had been pleading for her to take a ride in his sleigh-- was to ask, "Can I SMELL you??!?"

Mayhaps I need to get on a more professional schedule even while working from home.


Mary said...

Well, she does have to ride to and from preschool in the same car with you each day. Maybe she happily anticipated some improvement.

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Mary said...

Um, yes, I get extra credit at work if I bring in some Hot Tamales. Would you please give me all your leftovers?

Russ said...

Maybe Katie Couric was right, you are the unwashed masses!

Father Knows (Travis) Best said...

Your son will learn his lesson, though. He's obviously never been on the business end of about 47 Tootsie Rolls or Jolly Ranchers.

beth said...

Interesting thoughts....poor Siemens...the jokes will never end.

Shawn Ohara said...

To your point # 4 - I usually start off my greetings with "Facebook told me it was your birthday..."

Sandra said...

Working from home and blogging...I question how much "work" actually gets done. I'm not judging. I'm just saying, as a fellow blogger, I need to leave the viscinity of my laptop to get anything done. Wanna go for coffee? We'll bring our laptops.