18 January 2011

A conversation with D- and M-: The forbidden fruit

What better and more appropriate way to start out the year --after having closed out last year with a brand-new baby-- than with this recent conversation with my 6-year-old son D- and my then-3-year-old daughter M-?

D- (reading a joke from somewhere): What kind of fruit do ghosts like to eat?

Me: I don't know, what?

D-: Boo... (switching to spelling mode) B-O-O-B-E-...

M- (jumping in, proud to show off her impressive "reading" skills yet again): Boobies!!

D- (shocked, confused, sure this must somehow be a dirty joke he accidentally read, but slightly amused): Heh-heh.

Me (obviously now relating a much-less-funny joke): Boo-berries. ...Not boobies... It's "BOO-berries", because pretend ghosts* say, "Boo!", right? ...Boo-berries.

* Must always be on guard-- no, ghosts aren't real, go to sleep!

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unmitigated me said...

When my kids were little, we had to be on guard for wolves, including shoo-ing them out of the kids' room at night.

Mary said...

Hey, I remember that joke. Isn't it on boxes of sugar cereal? Count Chocula perhaps? Are cereal boxes assigned reading now? LOL

Akie A. said...

Classic! Hope you'll show them this post 10 years down the road.

Katie said...

The point of this should be that M-, a 4 yr old, knew that B-O-O-B-E would be read as boob

Surfer Jay said...

Thats awesome...I think. Isn't it. SHould be.