04 April 2011

A conversation between M- and D-: Don't tell my parents they said this

While we were casually discussing Walt Disney tonight, the kids asked me if he's still alive:

Me: No, he died before I was born... maybe when [my parents] were teenagers?

D- (jaw to the floor): Whooooooaaa!! He died a LOOOONG time ago! ...I can't even beLIEVE it!

M- (running in from the hall): D-, he died like a hundred YEARS ago!!

D-: I know!! I can't believe it!

Time really is a fuzzy concept for them, whether it's years, days, or minutes. It's generally baffling and/or frustrating, but luckily, I'm occasionally able to use it to my advantage.

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Sarah L said...

That is nice, to have not much concept of time. All in the moment.

Soon enough the complexity of a long life with yesterdays, years & a long history.

And it is true, he died in 1966, 44 years ago. Before Disney World opened. He was older than your grandparents!

Interesting question -- do they like hand drawn animation? Or only the new stuff, with the aid of computers?

unmitigated me said...

That's a lotta sleeps.

Mary said...

As some say, they wrote the scripts on stone tablets back then.

The Honourable Husband said...

Rumour has it that he ordered his head frozen cryogenically. So technically, he's not dead. Right?

Mrs. B. Roth said...

He's not really dead, is he? I just read a book about him to the kids, the Value of Imagination or something (I wasn't paying attention). He seems undieable.

Dawn said...

yeah... kids' concept of time... I have students that say "What are you like 25 or something?" (Love em!!;)
While I have others who say, "You were born in the 70's...WOW! You MUST be old!!"

Jason said...

We just keep getting older and older, don't we.

The Cheek Daddy

Make Money Online said...

im pretty sure the guy behind walt disney is dead?

Marlee said...

Ha! Great post! My mom says a lot of things I can use to my advantage! Ha but on the other hand she uses a lot of why I say to...haha it evens out!