31 May 2011

Classic quotes, Vol. 30

Here's a selection of some recent quotes from my 4-year-old daughter M- and 7-year-old son D-:

D- (after milking a legitimate cough a bit much): I AM sick-- I've always had a cough like this. ... YES, always... well, since last evening.

M- (rooting around behind her in her car seat as we drove): I've got a BUNCH of toys and stuff in my seat crack! I've got crayons, and Cheerios...a penny. I've got a PENNY in my SEAT CRACK!

D- (running, eagerly, after it was pointed out that Momma's crude humor was technically appropriate given her location*): Then I'm gonna go to the bathroom to say a bunch more BUTT things!

M- (finding a new way to protest, a few days after an explanation of Intellectual Property law): No, D-!! That's MY trademarrrrrrrrrk!

D- (unaware of the sad, overwhelming facts about himself these days, after reflecting on all the "bad kids" in his yearbook): Wow, MY teacher is lucky! Every OTHER teacher has a BAD kid in her class who has to go to the OFFICE like every day!

* For the record, no, she was in the bathroom washing dishes**, NOT using the toilet.***

** Until our kitchen is reassembled (but it's only been 8 months!!), that's where we're forced to wash them. We couldn't be happier about this...

*** She NEVER does that.


unmitigated me said...

Awaiting quotes from the newest member of the Literal family! And I love D-'s quote about the BAD kids. I remember thinking about that when I was his age (before yearbooks...or movable type). When I see those BAD kids at reunions, I STILL think of them as the BAD kids!

Sarah L said...

Sad overwhelming facts about himself these days... What are you saying about cute little D?
Yearbooks for 1st grade? Oh I have missed many changes in life.
We saw only our own class's group photo. A huge baby boom crowd, the school barely built before we showed up for 1st grade.

Mary said...

I have to wonder what inappropriate things I would be saying after months of doing the dishes in the bathroom.

Jason said...

Sup Dan,
Love these little comments. My 'Lil Gal got spooked about something in the car yesterday and said, "Woah, that scareded me out!" Cute stuff. Keep 'em coming.

The Cheeky Daddy

beth said...

Saving his pennies for s rainy day...how cute1