11 August 2011

Potential book titles, Vol. 3

Here are a few more titles of fiction and nonfiction books I might write, if I ever manage to finish something* that takes more than 10 minutes at a time:

Leftover Birthday Cake: Why Parents Have Been Having Children Since Ancient Times

Why Would I Even Have To Forewarn You To Not Put That In Your Mouth??

Enter Title Here: Sometimes I Put Things Off A Bit Too Long

Put That Down: When I Said I Wouldn't Tell You Again, I Meant After This Time

I'm Starting To Understand Why People Demolish And Rebuild, Waste Be Damned: A Home Remodeling Story

* Such as writing a decent blog post of substance.


Anonymous said...

My son's 6th birthday was yesterday. I was just thinking last night that one of the best parts of parenting is putting the kids to bed and indulging in leftover cake!

Ali said...

Mine would be Living Life with my Finger Hovering over the Xbox Power/Off Button.

Anonymous said...

I miss your real posts, but believe me I understand how hard it is to find time and energy to actually sit down and write something. These little quips are funny though so at least keep them coming!

Mrs. B. Roth said...

I often start to threaten my children only to be overcome by lack of imagination and the only punishment I can think of is the threat to rethreaten.

"STOP TURNING OFF THE XBOX WHILE I AM WATCHING MAD MEN OR .. I ... Will ... tell you not to turn mad men off again ... grrr. Brat."