28 November 2012

A conversation between M- and D-: It's "Anything Doody" time!

Short and to the point, this is how my 8-year-old son D- and 5-year-old daughter M- spend much of their free time:

M- (her part of some random chit-chat I'd tuned out): ...duty.

D- (starts to laugh): Wait, do you mean the FUNNY "doody", or the normal, serious "duty"?

M- (almost disappointed in herself): The serious one.

D- (soberly): Oh.

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Mair said...

Children who can get an hour of laughter out of "I like big butts." Some never grow out of that phase.

Jason said...

Ha! This is great. There's that line in Wreck-It-Ralph about "Hero's Duty". Venelope laughs about that, and rightly so. Great post. Take care,