20 November 2012

A conversation between M- and E-: Weggo my wego

The following is a conversation that just took place in our playroom, where my 8-year-old son D- and 5-year-old daughter M- were each playing with Legos in their own way, after my buddingly verbal almost-2-year-old son E- happily waltzed in. I think it pretty well captures their relationship most of the time, these days.

E- (idly content): Wehhh-gooooooes...

M- (sounding not unlike Ian McKellan's Gandalf): E-, this is my tower, and you cannot touch it!

E- (decisively oblivious): TOUUUUCH!

M-: No, DON'T touch it!


M-: Arghhhhhh!

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Mair said...

Forbidden fruit. And to him, it's all forbidden.