30 June 2013

A conversation with D-: Nine is 18 in kid years

The following is a surprising conversation I had with my 9-year-old son D- recently, in which he reminds me that even as he pushes daily toward becoming that legendary beast, a Pre-Teen, he's still in fact in single digits. Thus he's prone to relapses of Toddler Brain, even as his attitude tells him he should be moving on to Teenager Brain already.

D- (coming up to the dinner table, where a portable griddle had been left sitting out): Hey, this thing's in my spot!

Me: Just sit over here like usual.

D-: What?? I always sit here!

Me: "Always"?! You only started sitting there just recently.

D-: No! I always sit here. Since, like... two days ago!

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1 comment:

Sarah L said...

The relative meaning of always.

Every step of childhood has its label. Easier that way?

Maybe I was a pre teen once, but glad not to be called one. Just a child.