13 August 2008

A conversation with D-: Rock the anti-'Bamas

Here's a conversation with my 4-year-old son D- from a couple weeks ago, when I had already posted several conversations. It seems he is rapidly increasing his loyalty and dedication to the Democratic candidate for president:

J-: Apparently, Wal-Mart is threatening its managers not to vote for Obama.

Me: That would be some dangerous ground, in most democracies...

D- (adopting his gravelly Action Hero voice): We can go fight those guys with swords and rocks!!

Me (taken aback): Whoa!

D- (now getting in my face, for effect): When we grow up*, we can fight all those guys who won't let Obama do... what... he wants to do!

Me: Oooookay, settle down there.

While I'm certainly angry about the questionable state of our democracy as giant corporations so boldly stride forth in their efforts to squash the rights, needs, and interests of the people (who are of course their customers as well as employees and executives), I don't think Obama is going to swing in there and fix it all himself. Plus, that kind of support is just a wee bit too militant for me.

But I can't wait to see to what level my 18-month-old daughter M- takes her support next-- these two are nothing if not competitive.

* Note that even at only four, he's picked up on the fact that I have yet to grow up.


Unknown said...

Look at your son -the little politico! I agree with you about Obama people are going to have to change their expectations because if they don't many are going to be disappointed. He is a man not the Savior and change takes time. Realistically if he is elected he will set some positive things in motion and lay the groundwork for positive change in the U.S.. Ok, I am getting off of my soapbox now.

Brittany said...

OK, sooo....what do I do with all these boulders and swords I forged? You can't just abandon a good plan like that. I am never going to get to use my blacksmithing powers for good:(

unmitigated me said...

Perhaps M- will throw of bag of dogs and bears. Small ones.

Carolyn...Online said...

That kid needs a super hero suit. Or at least a cape.

Suddenly Sixty said...

That blows my mind...threatening not to vote for Obama. Thank God we only allow one person in the voting booth at a time.

Anonymous said...

I'd say that kid needs to make an appearance at the convention...in a superhero costume!

Dad Stuff said...

Wow, I sure hope Spongebob doesn't issue a 'call to arms'. I don't think I have a defense for that many swords and rocks.

Kori said...

As a rabid Obama supporter (and no, he isn't going to Save The World, but it is a start), I say YEAH! But don't get me started on the Evils of Wal-Mart; really. I could go on for hours. And I HAVE.

Kat said...

I am starting to think I am the only conservative in the blogosphere. *hides* Don't worry I am not a mouthy one and I don't argue about my views vs. others views. Opinions are like butt holes...everyone has one.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally with him--and I think Obama would be down with a little 4 year old super hero action. :)

Mrs. B. Roth said...

Hey, I'm conservative(ish), but I think in order to conserve our country we better darn well do SOMETHING more than complain about the price of gas and groceries. Not being at "war" would conserve a huge chunk of our tax dollars. Exploring alternate clean energy resources would conserve the environment. Providing adequate health care for all Americans would conserve life. I'm conservative but interested in conserving more than just MY money.

Besides, that stuff about threatening managers ... is Wal-Mart going to put cameras in the ceiling at the voting booth? How would anyone know who you vote for? Unless Obama gets a unanimous vote (a girl can hope), they couldn't fire you for maybe voting for the other guy. Or could they??

Finally, Mr LiteralDan, I like the short and humorous posts slightly more than the long well-thought out ones. I can't explain exactly why, probably because i have 1.5 minutes to dedicate to reading a blog before interruption ... then if I want to comment too, well. If your audience is time and attention deficient, short is good.

Jenny Grace said...

Wait is that true?
Wait, am I getting my political news from someone else's child?

Erin said...

You know, Obama hasn't declared a running mate yet. It might not be too late to suggest your son. He'd have my vote. Then again, Obama could choose a potted plant as a running mate, and he'd still have my vote.

Anonymous said...

Wow impressive! My 4 year old has no idea who Obama is. He knows Linny, Tuck and Ming Ming too, but not Obama.

Kevin McKeever said...

The Dems need your boy's spunk. No, not YOUR 'boys.' Not that 'spunk.' Not after Bill Clinton and now John Edwards.

I withdraw my comment.

MsPicketToYou said...

Daughter said today, I hate John McCain, and I said, you do NOT hate him or anyone, and she said, he wants to beat Obama up, and I said, NO he does NOT, and she said, then what is this all about anyway?

Then I got really quiet and starting reading blogs.

Tara R. said...

Oh my... the future generations will be so much more political than we are... I would loved to have heard this conversation, complete with sound effects.

sarah said...

Forgive me for being disappointed that he knows more about politics than I do.....I'll take this as an opportunity to learn.

Anonymous said...

Get that little dude a CAPE! Stat!

The world could use a new superhero.

Ann(ie) said...

hehe!! I second your boy for running mate! ;)

Trooper Thorn said...

In our house, the kids generally describe a person they don't like as a 'Liberal' instead of using a curse. But in Canada, even a Conservative is left of the Democrats. We are soooo socialist.

Thanks for your support on my Olympic ideas. I'll keep throwing them out there.

Heather said...

Good. BTW my husband is from Portugal. They have a crazy system with a parliament and oddly more than 2 political parties. Hmm. Doesn't that sound democratic?

Mama Dawg said...

Who's a good grown up? Why, you are, Dan!

Anonymous said...

Your children are devoted followers. Let's hope he doesn't disappoint.

LiteralDan said...

Mekhismom: Yeah, it's tempting to think one person can save us all, but even the man himself says he just wants to get people to believe in themselves and their power to make a lot of little changes all together.

Brittany: You never know when you may need boulders and swords and such. Especially on my blog. I'll put you down as the Team Blacksmith for our upcoming Armageddon Tournament.

Middle Aged woman: She would never throw a dog OR a bear, unless it was on a string or D- wasn't around to potentially snatch it up. Either way, we're all pretty safe from that particular threat.

Carolyn...Online: He would love such a thing. Now that you mention it, he's got several superhero pajama sets and I have many, many pictures of him posing in them. Maybe we could use them for propaganda and intimidation?

Suddenly Sixty: You ain't kiddin'! Though with these sleazy computer voting machines (as opposed to rationally designed computer voting machines), there may as well be a whole team of people in there with you, and they have the power to "fix" your vote if you don't "do it right".

MamaNeena: I'm thinking we could contact some good wire-work people in the Hong Kong film industry to get him flying over the whole shebang.

Dad Stuff: I'm sure that irreverence would be the primary weapon for a Spongebob-led army, so you may begin preparing accordingly.

Kori: Oooh I love finding people with so much in common! With those two particular topics, though, we have many, many people in agreement. Along with some perfectly nice people who don't necessarily agree, of course. I don't want to live in a country where everyone agrees on everything all of the time-- nothing good comes of such climates in the long run.

Kat: Nope, you're not, I've come across plenty, both the rational, sane "other side of the coin" types and the rabid nutjob type. (I consider myself a ridge on the edge of that coin, by the way.) But I would agree that it seems most people in the personal realm of blogging tend towards the liberal side, or at least in this particular U.S. election.

Christy: I think he might be for a few minutes, then he would probably ask if he wanted to go out and play somewhere with his kids. Or any other kids. There's a lot of energy in that tiny package, and it generally goes towards constant motion or volume.

Mrs. B. Roth: I agree, and I think the desired outcome is that people see what supposedly is in their best interests, and possibly decide that they need to actively campaign against this thing that they now think will mean they lose their job, etc.

I like to mix up short and long, without getting too long, but sometimes the problem with the longer ones is that by the time I'm done I have less time left to edit them as thoroughly as I might. I'm still working out a process, I think, but then if I had it all down I would probably run out of things to say or ways to say them sooner than I might. And then what would i do?

Miss Grace: Indeed it is. They since came out and "explained it away" in such a ridiculous way that they confirmed all the implications of the story. They just said basically that they weren't telling anyone how to vote, which is what the initial articles had made sure to point out. So they added nothing except to confirm that these coordinated meetings had taken place exactly as described.

Erin: Nice. I'd prefer a ficus, or possibly even a cactus, over a lousy rhododendron, though.

threeboys1mommy: I think he was taken with the rhythm of his name, and he kept noticing his face and voice everywhere around Super Tuesday and the months of Obama v. Clinton.

Always Home and Uncool: You shall do no such thing, sir! The Democrats do indeed need every boy's spunk, because they are becoming slowly outnumbered over time, I think. But then, they need a huge ideological and personnel upheaval, so maybe it's for the best in the long run.

Ms Picket To You: It was a close race, but I think I have to hand the Best Comment of the Post award to you. Every time I read this comment it makes me laugh.

Tara R: I'd love to act it out for everyone, if only I had a system in place (or a bit more of a desire) for making videos. Because so much is lost in translation.

And I think everyone will be a lot more political after this election.

sarah: I think most of his instruction would involve very dramatic violence and shouting in a growly voice.

bejewell: But what would his name be? The Nose Picker?

Ann(ie): I think that and $5000 may be enough to get him on the ballot in at least a few states.

Trooper Thorn: Ahh, Canada-- America's paradise whenever things get too stuffy and conservative down here.

And you'd better, because that one was hilarious.

Heather: It does indeed-- emphasis on the lowercase D. I think our two parties need to be forced to give up their strangehold on power and divide themselves in two-- that way we'd have Liberal-Liberal, Conservative-Liberal, Liberal-Conservative, and Conservative-Conservative. That seems much closer to the way logic, and the rest of the world, works. People could more freely ally themselves with those who agree with them, things would be less black and white, and more would get done.

Mama Dawg: Can I have a lolly?

Mary: You mean Obama as President or D- with a sword and pocketful of rocks??