04 August 2008

A conversation amongst all of us: St. Noodle

The following four-way conversation took place one day while J- was feeding M-, D- was milling about after lunch, and I was in the next room typing up some blog posts for the week I spent working.

J- (to M-, continuing some murmured back-and-forth they'd been having): Tell Daddy!

M- (barely intelligible through a mouthful): Ahluvoodoo!*

Me: I love you, too!

J- (in a teacher's gentle correcting voice): She said, "I love noodles."

Me: Oh.

D- (announcing reassuringly while approaching from the dining room): I love noodles, too, Dad.

Me: Okay... good to know.

It's touching moments like these that really make the whole parenting shebang feel worthwhile, you know?

* If you think she may actually be pulling the wool over both of our eyes (pun intended, in my case) and actually professing her love for voodoo, you're probably right. The other day she was hugging her teddy bear and I swear it was getting hard to breathe. This baby will be a Black Magic Woman if I ever met one.


unmitigated me said...

And she's tryin' to make a devil out of you. Or at least get your wallet.

Brittany said...

Hmmm...better hide the dried chicken feet....just to be safe.

Mama Dawg said...

LOL!!!!! I got nuttin' more than that but it was funny. You've been put in your place.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't in just kill you when they put you in your place like that? I'm sire she loves you too, though...especially when you have some noodles.

Kori said...

Yeah, I thought it was voodoo too...and did I tell you that next time I leave, you will be guest posting? Because the ones I had? nothing. :)

Mrs. B. Roth said...

We also love noodles.

And voodoo.

Chris M. said...

Just be sure to keep the sharp objects away from the bear. Could be moderately painful.

Weather Moose

Weith Kick said...

Oooh. I like the voodoo scenario.

Anonymous said...

She may also love your noodle. :)
But really, if you are in this parenting business for the gratitude, you're in the wrong profession.

The Microblogologist said...

Better get yourself some talismans just in case!

LiteralDan said...

Middle Aged woman: She's got nearly complete control of my wallet as it is, so why bother getting her hands dirty?

Brittany: Like everyone else in the world, I keep them in an airtight jar up in the cabinet with all the other spices, so I think they're pretty safe.

Mama Dawg: Sigh... I live in my place.

Christy: I would clarify that to say only when I have some noodles. Or candy.

Kori: Are you suggesting you will use your own voodoo powers to make me do it? If so, can I put in a few requests for days when I'm drawing a blank? Thank you in advance.

Mrs. B. Roth: But have you tried Voodoo Noodles? They're Chef Boyardee's finest! Now you say, in a creepy monotone, "They're Chef Boyardee's fiiiiinessssssst."

Chris: You mean for me or the bear? You can't possibly be suggesting that based on my little quip that I could be... excuse me, I seem to have developed a spontaneous puncture wound of some sort.

Weith Kick: Don't we all? It greatly appeals to the lazy and physically unintimidating. ...Not to suggest that you are in particular, but since I brought it up, I would only ever say that in comparison to myself.

Mary: Hey, lady, I'll have you know I have an entire TAG dedicated to gratitude, so I think I'm doing alright. (sniffle)

The Microblogologist: You mean, I'd better go re-index my already-impressive talisman collection?