03 April 2009

Classic quotes, Vol. 12

Here are the latest quotes from my 5-year-old son D- and 2-year-old daughter M-:

M- (responding to my protest at her using her forehead to block another girl from playing in a little firehouse at the library): But I told her it's 'Un-a-BAIL-able'!

D- (after drinking generic Sprite for a day or so while sick, having had his eyes opened to a previously unexplored kingdom of sinful deliciousness): Now that I'm used to this drink, I want it for Every. Day.

M- (announcing when she can use a pen): I can have one when I'm bigger... and old.

D- (whispering to my mom after she put him to bed while babysitting the kids): Can you stay till Momma and Daddy get home?

M- (in an appropriate situation, though I'm not sure where she heard it): Holy Moses!


Mary said...

Any toy she wants is currently un a bailable.

Mrs. B. Roth said...

We did so good with our first and soda. He will turn it down every time saying, "Soda isn't good for my body." His little brother, however, "Momma, can I haf some of your soda?" then he takes a huge swing and even if it's something nasty and diet, lets out a big, "AHHHH."

Jenny Grace said...

I love your kids.

Mine still doesn't know about soda, through the miracle of living in a hippie town where no one's kids know what it is.

Swirl Girl said...

We gotta get our 5 year old's together to discuss politics and philosophy.

Anonymous said...

I want to see some updated pictures of these cuties!

ciara said...

haha cute quotes. kids are funny when they're little and then they grow up :-/

Mrs4444 said...

These are the best. I'm so glad you're writing them down (or across, as my silly friend Jerry would say) :)