19 June 2009

A social experiment: In Sharpie We Trust

Since I'm supposed to be vacationing, here's just a quick snippet I had saved in my Drafts folder for you all awhile ago:

What do Americans really think of their transatlantic cousins?

So I wrote to all these celebrities in the hope of getting them to sign the Union Jack and offer a message of support - things like, 'Hang in there!'

I'm pretty sure the core of this test was to see how many of these Americans would be willing to deface the British flag with a marker after exposure to only the slightest amount of peer pressure.

Can you think of a better explanation?


LiteralDan said...

I'm not sure what happened, but this had been set to post Friday morning. So you're not crazy if you missed it.

Kevin McKeever said...

"Liza Minnelli, Tommy Hilfiger and porn icon Ron Jeremy" ... oh, yeah, Britain -- America's best has got your back.

Andrea's Sweet Life said...

Send me a Sharpie, I'll deface just about anything.

KandeeInNY said...

I'm wondering why Ron Jeremy's name was not linked? ROFL