16 March 2010

Classic quotes, Vol. 23

Here are some recent quotes from my 5-year-old son D-, my 3-year-old daughter M-, and me:

M- (insistently, while I was singing "All You Need is Love"): No! You need food, too!

D- (to my mom, who'd asked him what the story was about his misbehavior at school): It's not a story... it really happened.

Me (caught off guard by maniacal children while preoccupied): Hey!! Take. it. easy! Or... it will be taken easy for you.

D- (quietly rationalizing with his crying sister, on her way to tell on him): Hey-- whatever I did... I did NOT do it.

M- (through the above-mentioned tears): D- was attackling me!


Mary said...

Maybe that should be my new motto - Whatever I did, I did not do it.

adrienne breaux said...

Ahh hah! I like that whatever I did I did not do it one too. So clever these little ones!


Keith Wilcox said...

Sounds like my sister and I. "whatever I'm being accused of, I didn't do it :-)"

Surfer Jay said...

The second one is classic. I swear I got in trouble, honest....

Mrs4444 said...

Super, super, super cute. I'm so glad I popped over here and caught this.

Just stopping by to tell you that I've seen you on the Post Secret webpage ALL week. Not sure why you don't see yourself when you go! :)

Unknown said...

"Hey-- whatever I did... I did NOT do it."

Love it. I got the other day: [CRASH!!!] Me: What was that? Him: Nothing!

Vodka Logic said...

what Kim said... gotta love kids