27 August 2010

Jesus was a carpenter, right?

Something about living out here all on our own, with all the breathing room we can stand and an entire second garage just for tools and such, my carpentry fever has flared up worse than ever. I'm slowly acquiring all the tools of a world-class woodworking shop.

My new motto, whenever my wife mentions wanting to buy something, is, "I could make one for you out of wood."

A chair? A table? A staircase? A dresser? A patio? An ottoman? A kitten? A stepstool? A pillow? Why not?

And yet, even I know my limits.

But perhaps it doesn't seem that way to other people, based on the following conversation about our upcoming kitchen remodel that I had recently with my friend Adam, who gave me the nickname LiteralDan years ago.

Adam: You're gonna buy cabinets?? You know they're crazy expensive, right?

Me: Yeah, I know...

Adam: You, of all people, I'd expect to make your own cabinets. You could totally do it, too.

Me: Well... I've been tempted, but it'd take me forever, to do it right. ...I wanna learn and practice in a lower-profile area.

Adam (uncharacteristically animated, earnest, and encouraging): C'mon, you could do it! You're just enough of a perfectionist that they'd be done right, even if they took a long time, and you'd have them forever. You could always point to them and say, "I made that."

Me (finally catching on): ... You're just trying to talk me into the disaster of making my own kitchen cabinets for your own entertainment, aren't you?

Adam (proudly): Yes, yes I am.


Anonymous said...

I think I'm in love with this friend!

Michael from dadcation.com said...

i agree with him. post pictures taken every hour of your progress.

Mom said...

Might be best to start with something smaller and less permanent, like a bread box or some coasters or maybe a cutting board.

SarahL said...

Hey, one guy made cabinets for my place on Ridgeland. He measured it all. Then built the frames, did all the stain, finish, etc. But he bought the doors from some factory. He then made the changes wanted for the desired patterns in the woodwork on the doors. Does that make it more feasible? Make one cabinet, see how it goes.

Father Knows (Travis) Best said...

This is the classic "Nobody ... calls ... me ... chicken" situation from "Back to the Future." Nobody tells you that you can't make cabinets. And nobody puts Baby in a corner.

Dawn said...

Gotta LOVE friends like that!! :)

twistedxtian said...

Now that's a good friend! :D