23 August 2010

Classic quotes, Vol. 27

Here are some recent quotes from my 3-year-old daughter M-, 6-year-old son D-, and wife J-:

D- (to me, around 1pm one day, with an awfully judgmental tone for a kid who stayed in his jammies till 5pm just two days earlier): How come it's like... 3 o'clock in the morning and you're still not dressed?

J- (solving the age-old problem of no one wanting to hear about your dreams): I had this weird dream... about lesbian sex.

M- (about as successful as her brother trying to say "sanitizer"): My teacher has snatininizer in our class-- she's got buckets of it.

D- (while playing with M-, in a Motivational Speaker voice): Think teamwork!

J- (sweet-talking me in her usual way, describing some guy who shares my name among other similarities): He's just like you! ...But uglier.


Anonymous said...

Lesbian sex! HAHAHA!

unmitigated me said...

That J-. What a sweet-talker!

Mary said...

The kids has a point. Get dressed for work. A new concept appreciated in many offices.

Father Knows (Travis) Best said...

Your wife would make a great dude. Always say the person in the story is uglier. Always.

Mom said...

I teach in a computer lab. *I* need buckets of snatininizer, too!