22 December 2010

A conversation with D- and M-: Santa awards half points for honesty

This is a conversation my wife recently had with my 3-year-old daughter M- and 6-year-old son D-. M- only touched on the tip of the iceberg, and D- is learning the benefits of spin in public relations:

D- (sweet as sugar and twice as pure): Mom, how many more days until Christmas?

J- (as innocently as he wishes he was): Why?

D-: 'Cause then we get presents!

J-: Oh, yeah, right. Well, 19 days, bud.

M- (helpfully chiming in): D-, we'd better start being good, 'cause I really want presents!

D- (nodding): We have been good...

M- (shaking her head in disbelief): No, no, we haven't!! Remember I drew on you with a marker today??!

I wish you all the best of luck in restraining your own baser natures just long enough to trick Santa into giving you everything you want, but little that you need!

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unmitigated me said...

Good is relative. Nobody's bleeding, right?

Merry Christmas to the Dan Family, all 4.9 of you!

Come to think of it, you have been doing a lot of carpentry lately, no? Betcha baby shows up on 12/25!

Mary said...

Define - GOOD.

Dawn said...

Got mine convinced that I have a direct line to Santa.
My youngest told me today, "Mom, I've been good the last hour, right? Can you call Santa and tell him to put me BACK on the good list?" LOL
Gotta love Christmas!