18 May 2009

Classic quotes, Vol. 14

Here are the latest quotes from my 5-year-old son D-, 2-year-old daughter M-, my wife J-, and me:

J- (after awakening me with a confused snooze-button smack to the face when her alarm, on the other side of the bed, went off at 5am): Oh, I didn't know you were there.

D- (as if he's proposing something fun for me): Dad, you wanna watch a kid movie? It's been a few days since yesterday when we watched Curious George with Momma.

J-'s student (after J- removed her glasses to rub her eyes): Geez, Mrs. --, you're really pretty without your glasses!*

D- (as Spider-Man, while holding a cordless phone to his ear): Dad, you've got to feel my muscle... (remembering the game he was already playing, turning toward the phone) Hold on, Batman.

* Explanation from J-: "This happened in a moment of much-needed relaxation, as I was pretending the children and the rest of the world don't exist, but then they once again interrupted me rudely to prove that they do."


Another Suburban Mom said...

Funny quotes. I especially like the snooze alarm one.

When my alarm goes off, many mornings I shout 'more sleep' and hit the alarm.

Chris M. said...

bahahahahaha, "Hold on, Batman."

That...is gold.

"So, yeah, I passed Wonder Woman the note."

*garble, garble*

"Well, she said she needed a 'Maybe' box."

Weather Moose

Mary said...

Time really does move differently for kids. It's been days since yesterday.

People in the Sun said...

I hope you explained to your son that Spiderman is from Marvel and Batman is from DC Comics, which means they live in parallel universes and cannot talk on the phone.

Midwest Mom said...

My favorite is the 'feel my muscle' from the son at the heart of the "look at me!" phase.

Our quote from the weekend was this:
Me (to 3yo): Daddy and I will have our anniversary on friday.
3yo: WOW! Hooray!
Me: Do you know what an anniversary is?
3yo: NO! (She pauses while making the thinking face.) Um... it means we get cake?!?

- Julia

Leslie said...

The Batman one is my favorite! Was he using the phone as both communication device and dumbell?

Ali said...

"a few days since yesterday"

That makes total sense to me:)

unmitigated me said...

Good to know that D- is thinking of you, putting your video-viewing needs ahead of his.

Andrea's Sweet Life said...

Funny, I personally think I look prettier WITH my glasses. They totally cover my deep under-eye circles, puffy bags and crow's feet.

Natalie said...

a few days since yesterday...i totally feel the same way! surely it's friday?!!

Ashly Star said...

Those were all cute!


poosemommy said...

"A few days since yesterday"
Wait til he becomes a parent and has a job. It really has been a few days since yesterday.
Hand to Gawd!

Anonymous said...
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