27 February 2008

Get it?? Get it?!?

Wakka wakka wakkaToday D- walked up to me and spontaneously offered his explanation of why I spend time writing things down about him on the computer: "Cause I know how to make funny jokes, and you want to send them to people all over, to laugh. It's very silly."

In case you think he might be troubled by this habit of mine, keep in mind that he frequently tells goofy, nonsensical jokes and then tells me, "Write that down for people to read!"

Maybe I'll start collecting these jokes, like today's example, which consisted of him holding up a stuffed monkey and saying, "This monkey wants a real banana!"

Witty as that may be, I greatly prefer his unintentionally funny lines. In the shower this morning (okay fine, this afternoon), while reaching up to put a toy on the windowsill, he had to sternly yell at M-: "Don't grab penises!!"

I mean, that's just good advice, but still I had to stifle a laugh.

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