14 February 2008

What's the sign for "God help us all"?

This is J- making the "More" signWe made the mistake of giving M- the gift of communication, in the form of the baby-sign-language sign for "more", which is made by touching all your fingers together, as pictured above.

Her version usually approximates this, but at its worst it degenerates into her pointing at her palm demandingly, as seen below:
This is M- making the "More" signShe also has expanded this beyond mealtime, to mean "gimme that toy", "pick me up now", and generally, "give me exactly what I want immediately."

Now we just need to teach her to understand my sign for "I see and understand what you are communicating, but I must deny you what you want for unspecified reasons."

I think I may need more fingers.

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Anonymous said...

LOL - she will not be denied.