25 February 2008

I really do love my kids, honest!

For all you non-parents out there, here's one great thing about being a parent you might not be aware of:

You know that horrified panic you feel when you suddenly realize your mind was wandering while someone was talking to you, and you stand there awaiting sentencing once this person inevitably says something like, "So what do you think about that?"

When three-year-olds are most of the people you spend time with, you almost never have to deal with this feeling. Though when you also split that time with one-year-olds, you do have to run the risk of falling asleep while people are talking to you. Even three-year-olds notice that... trust me.

At least half the time, though, when a little kid is rambling at you, even they don't know what they're talking about. (I've actually checked on this periodically, in case you think I'm just as mean as this post makes me sound.) So you don't even have to feel bad tuning in and out at will while they practice their "conversation skills". Listening too intently all the time only results in logic-induced headaches and unanswerable questions (again, trust me on this one).

In fact, D- is standing right next to me going on and on about something completely nonsensical as I write this post, asking only that I occasionally offer a "Really?" or an "Oh, wow!" in response to his tone before deliberate pauses.

Warning: You should make sure to check in here and there, though, or you'll miss stuff like this:


Anonymous said...

Hey, I think I want to see that movie instead of the boring one I saw.

LiteralDan said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa... let's not get into badmouthing the original trilogy unfairly. Have at the new one, however.