11 February 2008

Rock-a-bama: Captain of Team America

D- spent Super Tuesday at my parents' house, and apparently all the vote-counting and speechifying had quite an effect on him. This evening, 5 days later, I was checking out the results from the Maine caucuses when D- walked up behind me. He said something I didn't quite catch, since I wasn't paying attention, so he stepped up beside me and repeated himself more urgently.

He was pointing at a picture of Barack Obama (who he called "Rock-a-bama") and said "Daddy! That's the guy that says, [dramatic, deep voice] 'You all can be... Americaaaa!!'"

If that isn't an endorsement of this man's power to motivate America's youth, I don't know what is. He's clearly nailed down the influential 3-year-old voting bloc.


Anonymous said...

The kid has good sense.

Sue said...

D- is such a clever and smart fellow! I love your stories about him. I'm glad you blog!