23 February 2008

Luck favors the prepared parent

You wanna know a great way to torture a suddenly hungry baby? Take her down the baby food aisle at the store and try to explain why you can't just sit down on the floor, manufacture a spoon, and begin feeding her each of the jars she has pointed at (while loudly saying "Num-nummmm!!" and signing for "more").

While you're at it, rush her past rows and rows of various bottled drinks and describe to her (over her protests) what a water fountain is and why it'll have to do at the moment.

Go ahead and try it-- it's a blast!

(Before you think we're complete idiots, we weren't totally empty-handed, M- just quickly exhausted our meager supplies today.)


SherE1 said...

Bring snacks to the grocery store so they won't beg for food there?? Genius! You'd think after four kids, I'd have learned. No, we just pop open that bag of apples from the produce section, let them have at it and hand the checker the empty bag to scan at check-out. Yes, I'll admit it. I'm one of THOSE mothers.

LiteralDan said...

High-five! You know what, though? My mother was one of THOSE mothers, too, and we all turned out pretty okay.

That baby ate her way through a lot of goldfish crackers that day. But it just couldn't compare to "real food", which apparently only comes in jars.

She also learned that she can't breathe until she's cleared the huge mouthful of water she took for the road away from the water fountain...