19 February 2008

No thank you, I'm full

Now, given that my son is still only three years old, I like to think that I have the edge over him in the brains department, and days like this reassure me of that.

When I took out some watermelon juice (which, like most juices, Juicy Juice would have us believe nature makes primarily from apple juice...), he asked why I was taking out "that waterlemon juice". After I corrected him, he pointed to the picture of watermelon slices on the label and said "I looooove those. They are my favorite. I don't say 'I'm all fuuuullll'- I eat them all up. I don't say 'Daddy, I'm all full, I'm not hungry'- I eat them alllll up."

Of course, I've been onto his Convenient Fullness game for some time, but here he just laid it all out for the record. If only I could make him understand what he's done, he would know how much I own him now, and he could fully appreciate said ownership. Instead, my maniacal laughter falls on deaf ears.

I've got to find a more sophisticated nemesis.


SM said...

Just found you, actually through reading the comments at Sweet Juniper. Very funny stuff. As was the bit on the lady feeding your daughter at the library. I read your comment about the "other moms" to my husband. He could relate. He stayed home for the first year and a half or so after our first child was born and complained about that all the time.

LiteralDan said...

Yeah I seem to make them uncomfortable or suspicious, somehow.

I guess maybe they just don't feel like they can relate to me, which would be odd. I get smiles and nods but other than that, I'm left talking to a 3-year-old all day.

Could be worse, I suppose... at least he's funny.