04 February 2008

A conversation with D-: I love you, candy

Super D- about to almost catch a little footballHere is another in our high-minded series of conversations with D-, my three-year-old son.

When getting everything out to make D- yet another gourmet lunch of peanut butter and jelly this afternoon, I also took out a bag of candy that I saw, since I am a helpless slave to temptation. I set it on the counter, then turned back to the fridge to get the milk. This is what followed:

D-: Daddy?

Me: (nicely, I promise) No.

D-: ...No, I said "Daddy".

Me: And I said "No" to the question you were about to ask.

D-: (thinks for a second) ...I was going to say "I love you".

I turn to look at him, almost buying this for a moment.

Me: Aw, I love you too, buddy. Is that what you were really gonna say?

D-: (can't resist looking furtively away for a second)

Me: ...Or were you going to ask for a piece of candy?

D-: (nods his head and smiles weakly) Yeah.

Me: That was a pretty good trick, but I know you too well.

D-: (smiles and laughs nervously at not getting in trouble for this)

Maybe I'm a bad father, but with the way he executed this, and the way it indicates his mind has developed, I just couldn't even scold him.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! No way can you punish such hilarious genius, at least not until he has used that line so many times it loses its adorable charm. And he did fess up in the end, that has to count for something ;).

Sue said...

And to believe he's only three!!! Watch out, Dad. By the time he's six, you won't have a chance!

SM said...

OMG! (G in this case is for goodness) I just got that one not that long ago, too! My daughter walked in as I was loading the dishwasher. I'd heard her ask her father for something and he told her no. THe next thing I hear is, "Mommy?" "Don't even think about it," I said. "What? I was just going to say I loved you." Big blue eyes wide, even wider smile as she walked toward me to give me a hug. She's a slick one....

LiteralDan said...

As D- would say, "What is the odds of that?"

Maybe they went to the same toddler boot camp. We've both got to be on our guards, it sounds like