08 March 2008

A conversation with D-: The mysterious stranger

The other day I rediscovered how fun it is to immediately announce where my son is hiding after he tells me to ask "Where's D-?" while hiding himself. He doesn't know how to react to this, and the resulting awkward moment, in which he rediscovers the meaning of betrayal, is a great stress reliever for me.

He might grow into a great hide-and-seeker all by himself, but with my help, he can be The Best.

Here's a typical sample:

D-: When I hide, say (overly demonstrative) "Where's D-??"

Me: Okay!

(D- hides.)

Me: Where's D-?? ...Oh there he is, hiding under the blanket on the couch again!

D- remains silent for just a moment, in confusion. Then, in a muffled voice, presumably attempting to sound like a passerby, he throws me off the scent.

Passerby(?): No, he's not!

Me: (impressively keeping a straight face-- I'm a professional, after all) Yes, he is! He's hid there 10 times already this morning, plus I can see his foot sticking out!

After a moment's hesitation, D- then pops out from under the blanket with an expectant look, as if he has not overheard any of my exchange with the mysterious stranger.

Me: Yep, see-- there he is!

He then gets up to eagerly find a fresh hiding place, and I laugh hysterically to myself at my evilness. This seeker does not countenance lazy hiders.

Note: I only do this once in a while-- I'm not that big a jerk. I usually only do it when he hides in the exact same place 20 times in a row and I am bored out of my skull by it. I would also like to note that I was once driven to do this when D- was playing with his cousin of the same age, and the results were possibly more than twice the fun.

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nonna said...

i have been trying to teach the g-kid hide-n-seek. i figure each time he hides i can stretch it out to at least 5 min of sitting on the couch saying "where did james go? i can't see him".

WRONG. as soon as i say i'm looking for him he pops out of his *hiding place saying, "here i am!". then the whole 'no, you're supposed to stay hidden until i find you' conversation follows w/him looking up at me w/the "nonna, what the heck are you talking about??" face on.

*the hiding place was standing by the sink in the kitchen, which is about 10' from me, with a clear line of sight

LiteralDan said...

Your story made me laugh a lot-- I have been there way too many times, but your phrasing, especially for the end, was just perfect.

Ahh, children.