20 March 2008

How much snow for Cancun?

What does today, the official first day of spring, hold for beautiful Chicagoland, Illinois?
The daytime looks relatively promising: "Partly Sunny - Hi 38°F"
But then for the evening, we're back to business as usual: "Heavy Snow (Chance for Measurable Precipitation 90%) - Lo 31°F"

Can't we get a meeting with whoever decides these things (I know some people have an easy answer to this, of course) and reset the seasons so we actually get a White Christmas and an agreeable Spring?

Does anyone wonder why so many people feel compelled to go away to Florida and beyond for so-called Spring Break? Think of all the girls who could be going wild north of the Mason-Dixon line! What about us cheap bastards? Are we to just be left behind in the mucky chill (at best) to be depressed by the fact that by the time the weather gets any better our break will be long over?

Lucky for me, I no longer have this dilemma, as I no longer have anything resembling a "Spring Break"...



adamrobertson said...

Don't even talk about snow, dude.

As of midnight we had 171.9" of snow this season. Just ~10" shy of breaking the 1954-55 record.

Today's forecast? 10" of snow.

Wooo spring!

Here's an article about our snow:

LiteralDan said...

Oh I definitely defer to Aroostook snow, in amount, frequency, and staying power. I just hate when we go back and forth with winter and spring weather, snowy and rainy, like we often do here.

While it's nice of The Lake to give us glimpses of what's to come in the middle of winter, there's something to be said for a season staying until it's done, no more, no less. I appreciated that when I lived out there, for sure.