27 March 2008

Things I found in my bed last night

Maybe I should stop leaving our bedroom door open during the day-- here is a list of:

Things I found in my bed last night

1. Extremely disheveled sheets and blankets.

2. A toy car.

3. A pre-worn 3-to-9-month-sized onesie (what can I say, the baby-o's on the small side) that I had put in the hamper.

4. An oversized rubber Winnie the Pooh ball.

5. Some of my wife's freshly-laundered (a week ago now, actually...) clothes she has yet to put away (what with the wedding shower planning and now her trip to speak at Katie's school).

6. A pencil.

7. A little book shaped like Tigger's face.

8. A (clean) size 3 diaper.

9. A half-full sippy cup.

And then, to contrast that list with my pre-marriage-and-children days, here are the:

Things I used to find in my bed

1. (See number one in the list above.)

2. Myself sleeping, more than just occasionally.


Anonymous said...

I read your stuff and sometimes I just shake my head...it's like you're at my house.

Mrs. B. Roth said...

yesterday, besides the usual random toys and cracker crumbs, somehow we had a half-dried hotdog and an open bottle of Dasani, lying on it's side of course.

Yeah, gotta remember to close the door.

LiteralDan said...

christina: Maybe our kids all went to the same toddler boot camp (slash terrorist training camp)

mrs. b. roth: I can just say I'm glad the sippy cup had a valve to keep it shut. I think you win this contest, overall

Jessica R. said...

You're lucky. In my house that diaper would have been dirty!

LiteralDan said...

(shudder) It's sad that that would not phase me as much as it should, but I'm still glad it hasn't happened yet!

One of the closest experiences we had around here is item #3 in this post. I can't wait for toilet training...