31 March 2008

Corporate intelligence, Vol. 2: AT&T

To follow up on their previous note, AT&T also felt compelled to inform me of the following this month (emphasis mine):

February 16th launched the new redesign of att.com, featuring task based navigation for Explore, Shop, Support, and MyAccount. Notice the vibrant use of orange, approachable tone of voice, and expressive use of photography. A new section called Explore, features and highlights AT&T's latest products, technology, and consumer information.

They send me these important notes on my paper bill and online. I think maybe a very bitter, underappreciated employee has drunkenly stumbled out of his or her pity party and hijacked the customer notification system. Only after commanding people to openly acknowledge their hard work, which has foolishly been believed to be best when it's least noticeable, will they finally get all the praise and attention they've soldiered on without all these years.

So let's all be sure to mail in our To Whom It May Concern letters showing our appreciation as soon as humanly possible!

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Anonymous said...

Someone forget to send that past the editing team. That's not consumer based language at all. Sounds more like an internal department report.