04 March 2008

Corporate intelligence, Vol. 1: Citibank/AT&T

You know what ridiculous e-mail I got from Citibank the other day? One suggesting I add them to my address book to make sure I never miss an e-mail from them.

I think it goes without saying that if their messages were being filtered out, I would not have received this helpful tip.

That's almost as delightful as this hilarious Important Notice I got in my phone bill recently (emphasis mine):

Over the last several months, we've transformed the AT&T brand to reflect our commitment to our on-the-go customers. As more customers seek to stay connected at home and on the road, we're borrowing from our mobility group and including more orange throughout our communications. In the next two months, you'll see more AT&T orange on your bills. Why? We're in the business of keeping you connected, and we want you to know it.

Thank god they let me know!! What would I have thought when I got my bill if I hadn't been forewarned?!?

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I guess if you spend all day working on stuff like this you want to think it means something; that it's important to someone.