17 March 2008

The great and holy St. Padraig's Day

It's on days like today that I reflect upon what a crazy life I've led since I last walked the hallowed halls of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Fall of 2003. Marriage, two kids, two cross-country moves... who knows what's next? I just know that college is another world quite far away from this one:

I managed to catch this rare shot of a dancin' leprechaunFor the scholars in the aptly named Champaign, IL, today is the unwelcome end to the St. Patrick's Day Weekend, which traditionally begins, at the latest, the Thursday preceding the day itself and ends on whichever is later of the day itself or the end of the weekend, which may or may not extend several days into the week.

Other notable events around these parts are that the city of Chicago dyed the river a slightly different shade of green than usual, a bunch of people marched in the street Saturday afternoon for reasons unclear, and lots of UIUC alums spent the weekend reliving their college days.

I've always felt a special connection to St. Patrick's Day, since it's my middle name. I always hated it for some reason (probably to do with my brothers' declarations, as with so many other things, that it should be a source of shame), and it was nice to have a day celebrating it. Unfortunately, since I'm not religious and not much of a drinker, there's little left to do on the day except try to remember to wear a green shirt, or something.

Celebration accomplished!



Anonymous said...

Don't forget you can wear shamrock shaped or green colored hats, glasses, or earrings and you can drink Green River pop or eat green colored frosting on cupcakes. An endless list of ways to observe...

LiteralDan said...

Mmmmm now I want some Green River... and cupcakes

Sue said...

Happy Saint Paddy's Day, Daniel! Hope you not only remembered the wearin' o' the Green, but I hope you actually donned it for the day. The dear and favorite man of my life forgot it this morning, and he yelped as someone pinched him as he went out the front door to work. And then another near-Irish gave him a pinch at work. That'll learn him!

Thanks for all the writings about M- and D-. Such lovely reading!

LiteralDan said...

I was indeed wearing my green force field, so I was pinch proof.

I bet he'll remember next year!