14 June 2008

A conversation between M- & D-: Say goodnight, Gracie

The following is a conversation that took place between D-, my 4-year-old son, and M-, my 1-year-old daughter, after she tripped:

M-: Ow!

D-: (soothing voice) M-, it's okay. (changing inexplicably to a concerned voice) Are you bleeding??!

M-: (no response, as she's already mostly recovered)

D-: (reassuring voice) Can you say 'Yes'?

M-: Yes.

D-: (turning to me) She is bleeding!!

Thus was a regrettable non-emergency presented for action based on manufactured testimony after a genuinely tragic event, worthy of our dear president and his cronies.


TentCamper said...

Gotta love the coercion beteen siblings. Next is the sympathy injuries... one gets hurt and suddenly everyone else have some sort of ailment that needs immediate attention. Kids just kill me! :)

Natalie said...

now that is funny! i can totally picture the scene...ahhh...don't you just love kids!

Dad Stuff said...

Good thing he didn't try to make to make the 'bleeding' more real.
Kids' conversation are the best.

Laski said...

Happy Father's Day!!!

Keith said...

Congrats on your win. I was just happy to be nominated.

That is a great converation to overhear. Now you are clear on what you are up against!

LiteralDan said...

TentCamper: I have a sinking feeling that one day, the kids WILL kill me.

Natalie: I do, I do-- it's why I keep them around, despite my better judgment, health, and sanity.

Dad Stuff: Yes, I can see that becoming the next stage-- you really gotta sell it, after all!

Laski: Thanks much-- it's been good so far, though I may be too stuffed with french toast to move at all for most of the rest of the day.

Keith: Thank you-- it was an honor you deserved, for sure.

My daughter is learning so much under my son's tutelage that I shudder when trying to imagine their future schemes.

Kori said...

All I can do is laugh, really.

LiteralDan said...

That's usually the best response to most things, I've found.

Warning: Sometimes people don't like it when you do.