28 June 2008

We have nothing to fear but death itself

You know you work in a very rare field when you have to assure the world that your creation will not vaporize the entire galaxy or even merely destroy all life as we know it.

Scientists: Nothing to fear from atom-smasher

That's pretty bold of them to reassure us of something that, if it proves to be inaccurate, will leave no one around to point the finger or kick them in the nuts.

Those are my kind of guys, even if I wish they'd just leave the thing off.

Here's a fun experiment I've been trying since I first heard about this controversy a few months ago-- while you sit there, in mid-thought, just close your eyes suddenly and stop the world in a millisecond.* I find it surprisingly startling, and it really puts things in perspective. It makes you wonder about the wisdom of spending your time piddling around the Internet and reading children's fantasy fiction.

Note that I say it makes you wonder-- I have no qualms with my life choices thus far.

* This works best when there aren't any kids running around shouting, like if someone else is watching them or if you're fortunate and well-rested enough to not own any kids yet.


MsPicketToYou said...

sometimes I feel like those atom crashing scientists. Like when I warn fellow diners that the gagging sound they here from the small child will not in fact result in vomit. Nothing to fear people, nothing to fear.

LiteralDan said...

Oh I hear you-- same here, plus "that's just fake, exaggerated crying. They're not hurt, and I'm not an awful parent. Really."