15 July 2008

A conversation with D-: It's all in the delivery

As promised, here is a simple little thing between more substantial posts,* this one a recent conversation with my 4-year-old son, after my wife J- came into the room on her day to sleep in:

D-: Momma, we watched... Daddy, what did we watch again? Tell me...

Me (announcing to room in Encouraging Parent Voice): Peter Pan.

J-: Wow, nea...

D- (interrupting while walking over to me quickly): No! Tell me in my ear!! (presents ear)

Me (whispering): Peter Pan.

D- (turning to J-, loudly): Peter Pan!

J- (bland, patronizing parent voice in full effect): Oh... cool!

I think we all need to recognize J-'s commendable ability to muster such enthusiasm under these circumstances first thing in the morning (meaning maybe 11:30 for her that day).

* Great... now I really put the pressure on myself for tomorrow.


Kori said...

I think she exercised remarkable parental restraint,really. Because if I had a day to sleep in? I would lock the door to my room and wear earplugs, and be much less enthused if someone were to "ruin" that for me. You have a good one there! :)

Mama Dawg said...

I remember those days well. Everything she was supposed to remember but forgot, I had to whisper it in her ear.

I also remember her whispers were about at the same decible level as a 747.

Anonymous said...

Y'all take turns sleeping in? We have GOT to start doing that ... genius! We are both nightowls and barely function in the mornings. So on Saturdays when the kids are up at the crack of dawn, nothing rational occurs to us.

Jennifer said...

LOL--Sounds like a lot of our conversations around here!

Anonymous said...

Tierd: Taking turns sleeping in has been a saving grace for us! Getting to stay in bed till noon, sleeping or reading or something (if the kids are too loud), is definitely a valuable asset and way to stay sane.

I suggest everyone try it for at least a weekend or two!

Chris H said...

Stew and I usually take turns sleeping in too.. but right now I get them all, and breakfast in bed... I am a spoilt tart.. but then... I am recovering from major surgery so it IS EXPECTED eh? Kids, gotta love them... until you've had 8 and been a mother for 29.7 bloody years, then they kinda get FRIGGIN ANNOYING. Your time will come.... 4 year olds are NICE... just wait for the next phase.

Lost In Splendor said...

Faining enthusiasm after just waking is one of the hardest things to do. (At least for me.) I commend her!

LiteralDan said...

Kori: Oh that "good one" had her fill of lounging-- this came only after she had voluntarily emerged from her hidey-hole. In rereading this, I think I phrased that opening poorly.

For the record, I grudgingly admit that she is indeed a very good one. But don't tell her I told you so.

Mama Dawg: Whispers at 747 level would be nice, but the kids aren't old enough to get down quite that low yet. We can't wait!

Tierd: You guys and us both, buddy. You've definitely got to start trying this. No sense in both of you suffering all the time. The only real problem this adds is whenever something needs to be done in the morning on a weekend and one of you has to be the one to "give up your day to sleep in."

But if you really are like us, this won't come up often because the few things you have that truly "need" to get done almost never need to get done in the morning, by design.

Jennifer: I'm so sorry for you.

J-: Hey, who left the door open? We've got all kinds of riff-raff wandering in off the street looking for a handout! Someone slam it shut after I toss this bum out.

Chris H: You must tell me more about this Major Surgery concept. It sounds pretty sweet-- is there some kind of a downside I don't know about? I can't imagine!

Sparkliesunshine: She does it remarkably well sometimes, and just awfully the other times. There seems to be no in-between. I, on the other hand, am perfect, as I'm sure you've already gathered.